Instrument Rating

6 weeks   $10,000


Throughout the Instrument Pilot course the student will learn the skills necessary to fly an aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR). This entails learning to fly the aircraft solely by reference to instruments. The student will acquire the necessary skills to fly the aircraft in the clouds as well as under air traffic control (ATC) guidance.

As an instrument rated pilot, an airman is capable of flying in a multitude of different weather scenarios. Having this rating opens significant options for a pilot who wishes to advance their flight experience and/or career. The skills learned during this course are an integral part of becoming an accomplished airman and will significantly improve the flight capabilities of any pilot.

Threshold requirements for the course - 50 hours cross country Pilot In Command (PIC). There are 2 option to reach this requirement.

1. Fly with a flight instructor as a safety pilot. you can do a cross country trips to the east coast all the way to Florida. This option will significantly improve your flight level.

2. Fly with a safety pilot cross country trips when one is simulating instrument flying and the other acts as safety pilot. this option can reduce the cost significantly as you both share the cost of the flight. 

You can expect to graduate from this course with 125 flight hours of which 75 hours as a pilot in command