Private Pilot 

6 weeks   $10,000

  • No Recreational Pilot Licence required!

  • No additional requirements to convert the license to an Australian (CASA), you literally save thousands of AUS dollars, all in 45 days of a lifetime experience!

  • Estimate cost based on our experience.

  • Additional equipment is required for you to take the rest of the courses at a cost of about $ 130
    (Logbook, aircraft book, navigation maps and aids and more)

At the end of this course, you receive a FAA private pilot's license that gives you the option to fly day and night across the US in Visual flight rules (VFR).

This is the primary course for anyone interested in learning how to fly. The student will learn the basics of flight manoeuvres, as well as navigation and aeronautical decision making. The course includes flight and ground instruction from an FAA certified flight instructor.
As a qualified Private Pilot Single Engine, an individual is licensed to fly all manner of single engine aircraft up to 12,500 lbs. The license is valid for both day and night flying. A Private Pilot may carry passengers with no distance limitations, however they may not do so for pay or other commercial purposes.

 The private course takes about a month (depending on the progress of the student and the weather), most months are good for flights and extreme weather conditions are rare in our area.
The course consists of minimum 30 hours of instructed flying and 10 hours of solo flying  
(A minimum of 40 hours), Usually an average student will finish the course between 45-50 hours. 
The course can be performed either on a Cessna 172 or Warrior Piper or integrated (for the student's choice)